Rina Sawayama unveils dystopian video for 'Cyber Stockholm Syndrome'





Black Mirror-esque pop futurism.

London-based singer and songwriter Rina Sawayama has unveiled the new video for ‘Cyber Stockholm Syndrome’, the previously digi-only single that has been remixed by LA producer Nite Jewel for a limited 12″ release with The Vinyl Factory.

A retro-futuristic homage to ’90s and ’00s music TV, the video takes tentative steps into a the intoxicating world of cyber sensuality through a high gloss sheen of vibrant hues and hazy focus.

Directed by FACT creative director Anoushka Seigler in collaboration with Sawayama, the video marks the vinyl release of ‘Cyber Stockholm Syndrome’ on 12″ vinyl, which also features tracks ‘Tunnel Vision’ and ‘Alterlife,’ alongside Nite Jewel’s remix of the title track.

As Seigler says, “We wanted to place the landscape of the video in an other-worldly past, present or future to play on the introvert and extrovert aspects of the character in the the track. Flirtatious yet shy, she is exploring her cyber fantasy and understanding ways of communicating how she feels.”

Order a copy on the 12″ here and watch the video above.

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Director: Anoushka Seigler
DOP: Kamil Dymek
Camera Operator: Pawel Ptak
Production Assistant: Luis Muñoz

Stylist: Lauren Anne Groves
Hair: Jake Gallagher
Make up: Kristina Ralph Andrews
Choreographer: Joelle D’Fontaine
Dancer Co-ordinator: Windy Tsoi
Dancer 2: Louise
Dancer 3: Ashley
Dancer 4: Mel
Photographer: Megan Eagles