Modular Behaviour: Inside Joakim's vintage analogue studio



From J Dilla to the sound of Star Wars, producer and multi-instrumentalist Joakim shares his guide to synths of all sizes.

As shown in his Against The Clock for FACT magazine a few months ago, Joakim knows how to use a sampler. He’s also not too shabby at patching synths, crafting soundscapes or building improvised compositions from the merest sonic stimulus.

Installed last year inside Xavier Veilhan’s stunning French Pavilion studio at Venice Biennale, Joakim invited visitors to pick a word, a letter between A and G, a tempo and an instrument, from which he would create a series of tracks in situ that were then produced at his NYC studio Crowdspacer.

Taking inspiration from Japanese electronics and kosmische musik producers like Conny Plank, who pioneered the use of the studio as an instrument, Joakim released these compositions on new LP The Studio Venezia Sessions, using instrumentation as diverse as medieval horns and rare modular synths.

To accompany the release, we met Joakim back at Crowdspacer in NYC to get an insight into the process behind The Studio Venezia Sessions, and a synth-by-synth introduction to the space.


Filmed by Jonathan Karam
Edited by Pawel Ptak
Music by Joakim – The Studio Venezia Sessions (The Vinyl Factory)