From Kraftwerk to Derrick May: Haroon Mirza and Dave "Jellyman" Maclean discuss the relationship between art and electronic music



Sound artist Haroon Mirza discusses the relationship between fine art and electronic music with Dave Maclean, the drummer and producer for indie band Django Django who has remixed Mirza’s sound works under the moniker of Jellyman to create a dancefloor track that has been released by The Vinyl Factory.

Alongside Factory Floor who have also reworked Mirza’s experiments for release by The Vinyl Factory, Jellyman’s remix explores the liminal space between art and music, which both Maclean and Mirza believe is more a matter of context than classification.

Riffing on similar themes during this revealing conversation, Dave and Haroon discuss the role of the musician in gallery spaces, the aesthetics of Kraftwerk and Detroit techno and the ways in which Haroon’s turntable experiments reflect a broader trend in DIY DJ culture to doctor and modify records to create live loops and samples.

To read more about the remix collaborations and hear both tracks, click here.

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Haroon Mirza’s show /o/o/o/o/ is currently on display at Lisson Gallery, and will run until 29th June. Click here for more info.