Inside DJ Fix: NYC's premiere turntable workshop



The unsung heroes keeping the city’s Technics in rotation.

There aren’t many items built to last like a Technics SL-1200. The Land Rover Defender of turntables, such was their resilience Panasonic only recently felt the need to upgrade what has become an industry standard. Many of those still in the clubs and homes of New York date back decades.

But where do you go if your platter starts doing the 3am wobble?

Jon Hidenstein’s turntable workshop DJ Fix specialises in greasing the wheels of New York’s sprawling club culture landscape. From bedroom DJs to the biggest names, local bars to major clubs, this small basement is an urban field hospital for world-weary decks that have seen better days – or more often than not, just been on the wrong end of a late night beer bath.

In the first instalment of short films at the workshop, where Jon will be talking us through a series of easy fixes and adjustments you can make to your set-up at home, we had a snoop around to see what goes on when your deck is in rehab.