Dinos Chapman reveals Autechre and insomnia as influences behind debut LP



Dinos Chapman discusses the processes behind making his debut LP “Luftbobler”. Brimming with subversive energy, searing wit and gallows humour, the record consists of 13 tracks of electronic music – created at Dinos Chapman’s basement studio in East London; the result of a decade of experimenting with sound.

At once eerily familiar and yet unplaceable, ‘Luftbobler’s’ multi-layered, innately physical soundscapes create a powerful sense of dislocation. Abstract and kinetic, the album’s heavy low end hits you in the solar plexus while the densely collaged melodies toy with your imagination.

“People are going to make comparisons with the art,” says Dinos. “Everyone’s going to expect thrash metal or some ear-bending dissonance from one of the Chapman brothers, but that’s too easy. That’s what I imagine artists would make. For me, it was always important to make music.”

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