Analogue #03: Inside Benge's underground synthesizer laboratory



Presenting the third episode in our short film series Analogue, a profile of the musicians whose love affair with analogue sound has come to define the way they work.

Experimental musician and producer Benge may have moved his set up down to Cornwall, but his cavernous basement in Shoreditch remains a thing of legend.

Testing the boundaries of electro-acoustic music, his analogue synth collection and vast modular set-up has become a go-to for musicians seeking access to everything from an Oberheim Four-Voice to the EMS’s deeply quirky PolySynthi.

Wedded to both the limitations and character of his gear, Benge talks us through his approach to making music, his stunningly ambitious, Brian Eno-approved Twenty Systems album in which each track was made using a different synth and why artists are beginning to return to analogue equipment.

Find out more about Benge’s analogue studio and record label Meme Tune here.