The world’s best record shops #051: Disques Gam, Casablanca

The world’s best record shops #051: Disques Gam, Casablanca



Play it again, Gam.

Every week, we pick out one must-visit spot from a different city around the world with photos and a little bit of history. Think of it as a kind of 1000 places to see before you die but for record shops.

Having been to Istanbul and Beirut in the last few weeks, we head a little further west to the Atlantic-facing city of Casablanca.

One of Morocco’s most famous record shops, Disques Gam has been open for almost fifty years, a dusty relic of the country’s golden age and an essential stop for anyone passing through.

Disques Gam

Location: 99, Bd. de Paris Casablanca Morocco

Contact: +212522268954

Go for: Moroccan gems

What’s the story? Gam Boujemma has been sitting in Disques Gam sharing his incredible knowledge of music with customers for almost fifty years. A film and comic nut who worked as a bus driver for years to earn enough money to open his own record shop, Gam has been king of his castle since 1970, running a record label to boot, as part of what was a thriving Moroccan music industry.

While the shop is now largely sustained by foreigners – he says Moroccans no longer buy vinyl – Disques Gam retains the chaotic charm of Bogart and Bergman’s Casablanca, stacked with records, cassettes, books, CDs and ephemera, many of which dangle form the ceiling like fruit waiting to be picked.

As well as music from across North Africa – Casablanca’s other institution Le Comptoir Marocain de Distribution de Disques is also a must-visit for fans of music from the region – Disques Gam carries an array of pop, rock, soul and soundtrack classics that nod to its owner’s love of Hollywood.

Best enjoyed if you have an inkling of what you’re after and enough time to soak up stories from its loquacious owner, Disques Gam is truly unique experience.

Photos courtesy of Fabrice Vrigny

Comments (2)

  1. Ihab Bensalah 8 months ago

    My experience (and many other of my friends’ experiences) wasn’t as enjoyable.
    I go inside, as a young collector that just started out I was very excited to finally find a shop in my own city, I ask him for the price of a John lennon record (that I already found for 4$) and he tells me 35$, I kept looking for other vinyls and what he did next surprised me and really offended me: He goes to the exit door, opens it and points at it then tells me “Get out”.
    I asked a friend about this shop and she told me she has the exact same experience, she got kicked out of the shop.
    This really discourages us young collectors to keep getting into this passion any further.

  2. fietsband 4 months ago

    > Best enjoyed if you have an inkling of what you’re after

    This line should have ended with: “..If you don’t he’ll just throw you out the store.” I have nothing nice to say about this store actually. I came to the store expecting to browse vinyl from Morocco, I know who Abdou El Omari is and Nass El Ghiwane and was wondering if there’s anything similar, and if so I’d like to find out by myself. That browsing and discovering experience is completely not there. You can’t touch the records, you can’t listen to the records and if you accidentally do touch a record (which I did), you’re removed from the store. He treats the store like a museum, which is fine, but can it please be removed from this list.

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