VF Mix 88: Oneohtrix Point Never by Apollo Noir



“Synthesizers equals paint.”

Since his debut cassette release, Betrayed In The Octagon, Daniel Lopatin has fast become one of the most idiosyncratic figures in electronic music.

The name Oneohtrix Point Never is a play on Boston soft rock radio station Magic 106.7 and initially the synth-project carved out its own space by mining unpopular tones from 80s new age.

It has since taken a few sharp swerves – like the blissful Warp debut R Plus Seven, the first OPN not to feature his signature Roland Juno-60 – and most recently, the ultra-dense, quite absurd but totally brilliant Garden of Delete record.

Here, Apollo Noir drops a 50-minute tribute to OPN, collating the exoticism of R Plus Seven, crystal drones from Commissions II, new age extractions on Zones Without People, an item from his Bling Ring soundtrack and more.


01. Bullet Hell Abstraction III
02. Chrome Country
03. Freaky Eyes
04. Problem Area
05. I Have Only Eyes For you
06. Andro
07. Explain
08. Format & Journey North
09. Returnal
10. Ladrones De La Fama

Apollo Noir’s debut album A / N is out now via Tigersushi.

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