Chronicling the history of electro in one extra punchy vinyl mix

Chronicling the history of electro in one extra punchy vinyl mix




Vf mix 49

Necro Deathmort summon electro gods Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder and Drexciya for VF Mix 49.

When the name of a band combines three words for death, it’s fair to say you’ve been sufficiently warned. On new album The Capsule, Necro Deathmort present their most terrifyingly macabre vacuum of space yet. The unearthly, metallic aesthetic combines abstract, digi-chill with bedevilled doom; somehow sounding a bit like Blanck Mass and a ’90s incarnation of Autechre jumped in the studio for a joint release on PAN.

With the album out today on Rocket, the twisted duo have recorded this vinyl mix, charting the history of electro from Jazzy Jay to Vangelis to Elecktroids. “In many ways electro is the purest form of electronic music: it’s uncompromisingly hard-edged and laser-focussed on the future, and yet you can dance to it,” they say. “The themes on this mix range from the joys of home computing, to a variety of chilling prophecies of dystopian futures where man is enslaved to machine.”

01. Bruce Haack – ‘Party Machine’ (Stones Throw, 2010)
02. Jazzy Jay – ‘Def Jam’ (Def Jam, 1985)
03. Extra T – ‘ET Boogie’ (Sunnyview, 1984)
04. Anthony Rother – ‘Sex With The Machines’ (Kanzleramt, 1998)
05. Kraftwerk – ‘Computer Liebe’ (Kling Klang, 1981)
06. Cygnus – ‘Electronic Slave’ (Central Processing Unit, 2015)
07. Kraftwerk – ‘Nummern’ (Kling Klang, 1981)
08. Clarence – ‘Turbine’ (Warp Records, 1991)
09. Giorgio Moroder – ‘Utopia (Me Giorgio)’ (Oasis, 1977)
10. Elecktroids – ‘Perpetual Motion’ (Warp Records, 1995)
11. Drexciya – ‘Welcome To Drexciya’ (Underground Resistance, 1993)
12. Polygon Window – ‘Supremacy II’ (Warp Records, 1992)
13. Dopplereffekt – ‘Tetrahymena’ (Leisure System, 2013)
14. Vangelis – ‘I Can’t Take It Anymore’ (Polydor, 1981)
15. Nexus – ‘Technoid’ (Plink Plonk, 2001)
16. Brothomstates ‘ (Warp Records, 2001)

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