VF Mix 169: Don Cherry by Tom Of England



“Where Cherry has been I now wish to go.”

Trumpet player Don Cherry played a crucial role the development of avant-garde jazz, integrating non-Western musical traditions into a sound that was among the most radical of his generation.

Taking on his musical legacy for VF Mix 169 is producer and DJ Tom of England aka Thomas Bullock. A veteran of scenes across the UK and USA, and a regular collaborator with DJ Harvey, Bullock recently announced his debut LP, Sex Monk Blues, on L.I.E.S., which draws on a similarly diverse palette.

Listen to the mix, read Bullock’s introduction and check out the tracklist below.

“I recently happened upon the music of Don Cherry by chance. He came on the radio and I noticed my new born daughter respond. She was colic and I felt the energy in her body change and lighten. We listened to nothing else for the next 9 weeks. It’s changed my energy, too. Where Cherry has been I now wish to go.”


1. Brown Rice
2. Interview #1
3. Descending Moonshine Dervishes w/ Terry Riley
4. Interview #2
5. Gamla Stan – The Old Town By Night
6. Air Mail
7. Interview #3
8. Karmapa Chenno
9. Bamako Love
10. Stop Bajon