VF Mix 136: Photek by Moomin





A primer on the drum’n’bass legend.

Best known as pioneering UK producer Photek, Rupert Parkes has been releasing music under over 11 different aliases since the mid-90s.

From formative years learning tenor saxophone and piano before shifting into electronic sequencing and composition, he then became a seminal force in shaping the UK’s drum’n’bass sound.

To take us through the world of Parkes’ output is German producer Moomin:

As he releases his third studio album Yesterday’s Tomorrows, mixing signature sample-led house with ’90s NYC hip-hop and liquid drum’n’bass, find out why Moomin chose Photek and check out the track list below.

“I love Photek and his various productions, he is a true genius mind. This mix was recorded on tape for a bit more of a nostalgic feeling.”


1. Aquarius – Wave Forms
2. The Sentinel – Genesis
3. System X – Mind Games
4. System X – Say It
5. Special Forces – Exocet
6. Aquarius – Dolphin Tune
7. Photek – One Nation
8. Studio Pressure – Junglistics
9. Photek – Fusion
10. Photek – Rings Around Saturn

Moomin’s Yesterday’s Tomorrows is out now on Wolf Music.