UVA and Daniel J. Thibaut collaborate for new VF release

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Each copy of Chromatic has an entirely unique artwork.

The Vinyl Factory has released a limited collaborative vinyl by UVA and Daniel J. Thibaut.

Chromatic, which was commissioned by 180 Studios as part of the UVA exhibition Synchronicity, is centred around the titular instrument, the Chromatic.

A software-driven optical instrument that explores the harmony of form and the interaction of colour and sound, the Chromatic has a computationally programmed system that assembles and re-assembles abstract formations and harmonic sequences.

Light itself is the instrument in Chromatic as colour frequencies are expressed through corresponding sound frequencies in a synesthetic transmutation that yields both harmonious and discordant results. Chromatic‘s score is composed by the Belgian composer, music producer and conductor Daniel J. Thibaut.

Limited to 100 copies–each with a unique artwork–Chromatic is printed on 180-gram heavyweight white vinyl. The release features a hand-tipped fine art print created by UVA and each print is unique to every edition. Chromatic is packaged with a bespoke black foiled outer sleeve and die-cut inner sleeve.

Chromatic is now available to order via The Vinyl Factory.

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