The Bug picks 11 killer ‘metal, not metal’ vinyl cuts

The Bug picks 11 killer ‘metal, not metal’ vinyl cuts




the bug

The Bug digs deep to share eleven devastating tracks from the heavier side of his record collection.

It’s been a vintage year for for Kevin Martin, aka The Bug. With his brilliantly double-dealing record Angels & Devils destined to make a rightful claim to the upper reaches of the end of year lists, he is ending 2014 with a collaborative 12″ that feels so right we can’t believe it’s not happened already. The Bug Vs. Earth, Kevin Martin vs. Dylan Carlson – as Ninja Tune rightly says, a coming together of two uncompromising outsiders who’ve, in their own ways pushed the definition of ‘heavy’ in music forwards.

Originally conceived as part of the Angels & Devils suite, the pair of tracks were shorn from the pack by virtue of their own weight so as not to disturb the symmetry on what is a finely balanced record. Instead, they stand alone as a monolithic symbol of The Bug’s devilish side, pairing rib-rattling bass with Carlson’s unmistakable guitar sound.

Despite the clarity with which this collaboration now appears, we thought it would be fitting to get a little bit of an idea of what has attracted The Bug to Carlson’s sound in the past, with this selection of eleven of his favourite ‘metal, not metal’ tracks. Sunn O))), Earth
and Godflesh feature heavily alongside labels like Southern Lord, Sub Pop and Earache for what is a revealing insight into both the genre and the man.

The Bug will play the Winter Plisskën festival in Athens later this week (4th & 5th Dec), alongside Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Son Lux, Simian Mobile Disco and SWANS. Fittingly it’s with the New York outfit that the list begins…

Listen to all 11 tracks in one go here or individually as you scroll through his choices on the following pages.

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  1. Tristan Shout 3 years ago

    Looks sixty. Dresses like he’s 16.

    • Frank 3 years ago

      You know shit about him Tristan

      • Tristan Shout 3 years ago

        That is correct. But I do know what 16 & 60 year old people look like.

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