Explore Zakir Hussain’s music in Meeting Rivers’ latest Indian classical mix

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Sounds of the Tabla aficionado and composer.

Zakir Hussain’s oeuvre is explored in Meeting Rivers’ latest mix – the fourth instalment in a six-part series by Kam Bhogal and Sach Dhanjal that focuses on Indian classical music.

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“Meeting Rivers began as a project focused on preserving the wisdom and stories of Indian classical musicians from past and present,” share Bhogal and Dhanjal. “Our curation focuses on quotes, images, and audio excerpts, with a common narrative in the expression of belief and a connection to something higher,” they share. “We view these as universal sentiments that exist beyond the genre of indian classical music.”

“In episode four, we enter the world of rhythm and music with Zakir Hussain, whose unique ability to bridge North Indian classical and western contemporary music has culminated in a remarkable career – on the classical stage and while exploring genres such as jazz and film soundtracks. Zakir Hussain explains his personal relationship with tradition as having encouraged his innovation, on how music forms its own religion, on becoming unique as an artist and how all endeavours tie back to one concept – the spirit, which beckons us all but embraces few.”

Meeting Rivers #04 features rare archival solos and collaborations with Ustad Alla Rakha, Sultan khan, Pharaoh Sanders and Shakti – mixed and produced by Sach Dhanjal & Kam Bhogal, with audio restoration and mastering by Jazz Bhandal.

Banner photo by Dayanita Singh.