Awesome Tapes From Africa and Hailu Mergia ignite magical African Acid is the Future party in Berlin

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Photos from an acid-laced night of live music from across the African continent.

An exploratory journey through cosmic realms, from ancient traditional musics to Afro-futurist visitations, Berlin-based dance party African Acid Is The Future has built an increasingly international following, traversing the worlds of electronic, psychedelic and spiritual groove.

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“Because Africa is mother of beat, and beat is tempo,” eulogises Maryisonacid, the DJ and mastermind behind the party. Taking over the majestic Studio 1 at Berlin’s iconic Funkhaus venue – the home of DDR broadcasting for much of the Cold War – African Acid hosted its first ever live event, inviting Awesome Tapes From Africa and Ethiopian keyboard legend Hailu Mergia among several others to perform.

Also featuring Stella Chiweshe, Agama collective, Dauwd and Barras Brothers, the evening concerts spilled over into one of the all-night parties Maryisonacid’s nights have become famous for.

Following her performance at The Vinyl Factory’s Venice Biennale party last month, we captured the evening in Berlin, which you can explore in the gallery below.

Photos: Frank Zerban