Dinos Chapman



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A1. So it goes  (3.19)
A2. Whatever works  (1.52)
A3. Reaktorsnuhsnuh  (1.46)
A4. 4. He has no method  (3.38)
B1. Smeyes  (3.03)
B2. Where’s the general?  (3.09)
B3, . Pizza man  (2.23)
C1. Sputnik  (2.12)
C2. Cool operator  (3.08)
C3. Luftbobler  (2.40)
D1.. Enrich Zann  (3.39)
D2. Sun lounge  (3.41)
D3. Alltid  (3.41)
E1. Untitled   (3.04)

* Four plate copper etching by Dinos Chapman, hand coloured on 300gsm Somerset Velvet soft white paper
* Five colour screen printed artwork across four panels of cloth-bound bespoke board
* Two 180-gram heavyweight hand etched records, containing the album’s 13 tracks, pressed on the EMI 1400 in Hayes, Middlesex
* Limited to 300 copies worldwide, each hand signed by the artist
* Contains an exclusive bonus track, pressed on an additional one-sided 12″
* Mastered for vinyl by Noel Summerville at 3345 Mastering
* Music written and produced by Dinos Chapman
* Original etching by Dinos Chapman
* Design by FUEL