rRoxymore / Jonas Burgert / Hans Joachim Burgert

Zeit Später

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* 12″EP on 180-gram black vinyl
* Original track by composer Hans Joachim Burgert
* 11 minute remix from electronic producer and DJ rRoxymore
* Cover artwork by Jonas Burgert
* Limited to 1000 copies worldwide

A: Hans Joachim Burgert: Zeit Später (Original)
B: rRoxymore: Zeit Später (Remix)

Berlin-based artist Jonas Burgert creates vinyl edition released in tandem with his exhibition STÜCK HIRN BLIND at Blain|Southern, London.

Connecting both the artist’s past and his present living and working in contemporary Berlin, the release, named zeit später (translated as ‘time later’),  showcases an experimental classical recording from Burgert’s late  father, the composer Hans Joachim Burgert, with one of the city’s most forward thinking electronic producers and DJ rRoxymore.


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