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* South London based producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, Wu-Lu presents S.U.F.O.S. – Save Us From Ourselves.
* 180g clear heavyweight vinyl
* Featuring collaborations with long-term friends, Binisa Bonner, Kwake Bass, Nubya Garcia, Eun, Demae Wodu, and Morgan Simpson.
* Recorded at The Room and Abbey Road Studios
* Limited edition of 300
* Release date: 26/04/2019

S.U.F.O.S. sees Wu-Lu collaborate with long-term friends Binisa Bonner, Kwake Bass, Nubya Garcia, Eun, Demae Wodu, and black midi’s Morgan Simpson. Thematically, it’s a reflection of where Wu-Lu sees himself, and his people, in 2019 London. The EP taps into racial injustice in Britain, black empowerment, and self-exploration. Spending much of his time working behind the scenes for a range of musicians, S.U.F.O.S is a mission statement that defines his personal artistry.

Speaking about S.U.F.O.S. Wu-Lu shares, “The EP is about family in every sense of the word: blood family, spiritual family, extended family, your family. It’s the perception of my own experience and the young people who haven’t got a loud enough voice yet”.

Wu-Lu is no stranger to experimentation within his music. He has constantly been improvising with the various influences on his Brixton doorstep, as well as some of the complex issues that a young, mixed race man living in London may face.

When performed live, the impact of Wu-Lu’s passionate retellings come into their own.


Side A
A1. Back 2 4
A2. Seven
A3. S.U.F.O.S. Pt. 1

Side B
B1. S.U.F.O.S. Pt. 2 (vinyl exclusive)
B2. Flare
B3. Rolling Egg