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Theaster Gates & The Black Monks



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* Individually wax stamped art edition of Theaster Gates’ ‘Furthermore’
* Hand signed and numbered by Theaster Gates
* Recorded live at the Spriegel Museum, Hannover 2018
* Pressed on 180-gram heavyweight black vinyl
* Theaster Gates’ mask etched onto one side
* Outer and inner sleeve artwork by the artist
* Limited edition 50 copies worldwide

Theaster Gates and The Black Monks’ second release on Black Madonna Press, the artist’s joint label with The Vinyl Factory, is a mesmerising live jam that fuses the jazz orientated spiritualism of his musical collective with the groove-based metronomic beat of their native city Chicago’s house music legacy.

Pressed on heavyweight black vinyl, with an exclusive etching of one of Theaster Gates’ new mask artworks on one side and images of these striking works on the outer and inner sleeves, the record is also a celebration of the artist’s new museum exhibition, Amalgam, which opened last month at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

In an astonishingly short space of time, Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates has incubated compelling new models for legacy building, social transformation, and making art. Encompassing sculpture, painting, ceramics, video, performance, and music, his art both derives from and sustains ambitious urban renewal projects, creating hubs and archives for black culture, which serve as catalysts for discussions on race, equality, space, and history.