The Rumble / World’s Crazy

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Róisín Murphy

The Rumble / World’s Crazy

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* The finale of the four part 12″ series from Róisín Murphy.
* All music produced by Maurice Fulton
* Artwork by Braulio Amado
* Printed CMYK outer and inner sleeves
* Pressed on 180g heavy-weight vinyl
* Edition of 1500
* Digital release date: 19/10/2018
* Physical release date: 02/11/2018

“…sounding more triumphant than ever.” – Pitchfork

“Murphy’s presence is so strong that even a few breathy phrases can turn a funky jam into a firecracker.” – Resident Advisor

“A squelching,  throbbing,  synth-heavy beast of a song,  this is as bonkers and brilliant as the title suggests.” – Sunday Times Culture

“Best listened with lights off and strobes on,  “Plaything” shimmers in its late-night disco glory.” – The Fader

Róisín Murphy shares “The Rumble / World’s Crazy”, the final pair of tracks in a series of 12” singles which have been released across 2018 to unanimous acclaim from critics and fans alike.  Created in collaboration with Baltimore maverick musician/producer/DJ Maurice Fulton and released through The Vinyl Factory, Murphy gone and made some of the most hip-twitching, pleasure-centre-stimulating music of her life. The lyrics are intense, exploratory and probing – all the while working on the immediate, endorphin-stimulating dancefloor level too – and her voice is finer, richer, more expressive than ever.

We pick up where “Jacuzzi Rollercoaster / Can’t Hang On” left off,  and “The Rumble” may well be Murphy’s most life affirming track to date,  a euphoric declaration which melds and morphs,  grows and swells,  anchored by Murphy as a maven for our troubled times.  In her own words;  The Rumble was written with Maurice and Mim Suleiman. Mim is amazing with infectious energy. I needed help as it’s a mammoth track, like two songs in one the second half is a vamp in which Maurice Instructed me to preach! Preaching was not a natural stance for me but he insisted I try, now I can’t stop testifying, the process has changed me a little.”