Oscillation (Berghain)

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Soundwalk Collective
Oscillation (Berghain)

Oscillation (Berghain)

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* Soundtrack of the multi-channel audio installation from Soundwalk Collective, Oscillation.
* Exhibited at Electro: from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk at Philharmonie de Paris, April 9-August 11, 2019.
* Produced and composed by Soundwalk Collective
* Concept and Art Direction by Stephan Crasneanscki
* Additional Arrangement: Simone Merli
* Baschet instruments installation and recording: Nicolas Becker
* Pressed on clear 180g 12″ vinyl
* Artwork contains Berghain photographs by Stephan Crasneanscki
* Gatefold centre showcases the ‘Katsuraphone’ Baschet Sound Sculpture, taken by the Kyoto City University of Arts
* Ltd ed. of 300
* Release date: 08/04/2019

A1. Panoramabar, Dancefloor, Pipe
A2. Berghain, South Wall, Air Duct, Metal
B1. Berghain, East Wall, Glass.
B2. Ground Floor, Staircase, Steel
B3. Panoramabar, Electrical Compound, Glass and Metal

Soundwalk Collective was given unprecedented access to the halls of the emblematic nightclub Berghain, Berlin. A re-incarnation of the legendary Ostgut club, the focal point of Berlin’s techno subculture. The Berghain building is a former East German power plant that is remarkable for its enormous dimensions, 18m high dance floor and minimalist constitution of steel, glass and concrete. An architectural space that facilitates experiences of sacredness, collective oneness and egalitarianism, Berghain is known for its impressive sound system, extended after hours, and the defining sound of Berlin techno.

For Oscillation, the collective placed 147 contact sensors on all surfaces inside and outside of the club: concrete walls, steel staircases, water pipes, ventilation tunnels, air ducts, metal frames, cages, fences, dark rooms, toilets, engine rooms, industrial glass windows, pillars, DJ booths, ceilings and more. Over the course of multiple club nights they mapped out the whole structure, and progressively recorded the entire movement of the building under the impact of the hammering music.

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