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Haroon Mirza vs Jellyman (Django Django)


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* Limited to 100 copies worldwide
* Individually hand signed and numbered by the artist
* Original sounds and artwork by Haroon Mirza
* Exclusive remix by Jellyman aka Dave Maclean from Django Django
* Direct lacquer cuts and vinyl mastering by 3345 Mastering
* 180-gram black vinyl pressed by The Vinyl Factory
* Custom made copper foiled hi-gloss white outer sleeve

The Vinyl Factory is excited to announce a new collaboration with celebrated British sound artist Haroon Mirza, recipient of the Silver Lion for most promising young artist at the 2011 Venice Biennale.

Created in conjunction with Mirza’s exhibition at the Lisson Gallery, titled /o/o/o/o/, launching 16 May 2013, the artist has extended his fascination with vinyl and experimenting with sound to create two new vinyl releases with The Vinyl Factory.

These vinyl editions feature Haroon’s sound samples and audio collages cut directly onto vinyl lacquers, as well as remixes of the source material by Factory Floor and Dave Maclean from Django Django aka Jellyman.

These rewordings are the genesis of a bigger remix project in which the artist’s original recordings will be made available online for producers to rework at will, the best of which will then be pressed by The Vinyl Factory.

The Vinyl Factory collaborations will also be showcased at Mirza’s new exhibition, where the artist will also show a reverberation chamber, a turntable piece, light works and an LED surround sound sequencer.

About the artist:
Haroon Mirza attempts to isolate the perceptual distinctions between noise, sound and music and explores the possibility of the visual and acoustic as one singular aesthetic form. The subject matter of his work pivots around socio-cultural systems such as religious faith or club culture and their relationship to music.