Extreme Pleasure

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Extreme Pleasure

Extreme Pleasure

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The Vinyl Factory team up with French label Zone for another rugged techno four tracker, this time from dance legend Neil Landstrumm. The ‘Extreme Pleasure’ EP showcases typical excellent club beats that are full of wonderful weirdness. Pressed on 180-gram black vinyl, housed in a colour sleeve. Ltd Ed of 500.

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* Four track EP by Neil Landstrumm
* Pressed on 180gram heavyweight vinyl
* Housed in a colour sleeve
* Limited to 500 copies worldwide
* Artwork: Zone Studios
* Photography: Pierre Ange Carlotti
* Release date: 27/01/3016

1. A Girl Is A Gun
2. Silent Forces
3. Night Comforts
4. Live Slow Die Anyways

The Vinyl Factory and Zone Records, known for dealing with rugged electonic sounds, now offer the new EP from dance legend, Neil Landstrumm. Landstrumm brings four new cuts of typical excellent club beats that are full of wonderful weirdness.

Landstrumm has been churning out essential sounds since the mid nineties on labels like Peacefrog, Tresor, Planet Mu and Rawax. He has a chaotic and energetic sound that make him a cult favourite who takes his cues from many different areas. Despite 20 years plus in the game, he is still as fresh as ever on this latest outing.

The arresting ‘A Girl Is A Gun’ is a fat and bouncing tune with bobbling bass, dial tone like melodies rising up though the mix and steamy female coos. It’s raucous and in your face and is sure to set floors alight. Fun and freaky cut ‘Silent Forces’ marries nagging and serrated synths with quickened drums. It is frosty and oversized, raved up and impossible to ignore with its crisp sound design and busy arrangement.

The seductive ‘Night Comforts’ is more subdued than the rest, with a well swung dub groove cut up by modulate synths and fat basslines as well as trippy sci fi sounds and robot vocals. Lastly, the brilliantly bonkers ‘Live Slow Die Anyways’ is a drug addled and super frazzled rack of razor edged loops, blurting bass and synthetic lines that re-wires your brain as you stomp to the beat.

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