Arx Jus Pax (Art Edition)

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Dozie Kanu
Arx Jus Pax (Art Edition)

Arx Jus Pax (Art Edition)

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* Bespoke hardback book by acclaimed artist and designer Dozie Kanu
* Foil blocked and embossed board cover 300gsm
* 150pp Munken Print White Vol 18 115gsm
* 40pp Amadeus Silk 130gsm
* Thread sew exposed spine
* Swiss bound
* Individually hand signed and numbered by the artist
* Available to order now
* Shipping on 21/11/2019

Dozie Kanu is an American artist and designer living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. Kanu studied production design for film at the School of Visual Arts in New York. In 2016, he began working with design dealer and co-founder of Salon 94 Design, Paul Johnson. In 2017, Kanu first exhibited with Salon 94 Design in the group show “Midtown”.

Although Kanu has been labeled a designer, his practice is about adding layers of functionality to his work as an alternative to the dissociative subjectivity of sculpture. Kanu also aims to challenge public perceptions of design by bringing together concepts that reach far outside the realm of function.

In 2018, Kanu was awarded the Hublot Design Prize and exhibited his first solo show, “Humane Alternatives”, at Soft Opening in London.

Dozie Kanu currently features in the group exhibition Transformer: A Rebirth of Wonder, presented by The Store X and The Vinyl Factory and curated by Jefferson Hack at 180 The Strand, London.

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Dozie Kanu


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