Work No. 1651

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Work No. 1651


Work No. 1651

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The Vinyl Factory reunites with Turner Prize-winning artist Martin Creed to collaborate on a new hand-painted limited vinyl edition, Work No 1660. Featuring two brand new Martin Creed songs, pressed on heavyweight black vinyl on the EMI 1400 and housed in a sleeve hand painted by Creed. Limited to only 100 copies, each hand signed and numbered by the artist.

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Love To You

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Work No. 1912

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* Hand-painted sleeve artwork by Martin Creed
* Features two new Martin Creed recordings, ‘Blow and Suck’ and ‘I Want You’
* Mastered for vinyl at Metropolis, London
* Recorded in New York and London
* Pressed on 180-gram heavyweight black vinyl on the EMI 1400 in Hayes, Middlesex
* Hand signed and numbered by the artist
* Limited to 100 copies worldwide

1. Kid Yourself
2. If You’re Lonely
3. You Return
4. I Want You
5. Pass Them On
6. Gift Attack
7. Don’t Tell Me
8. The New Shutters
9. I Like Things
10. Don’t Want
11. I Love You
12. Mind Trap
13. Work No. 955
14. Work No. 994
15. Work No. 1375
16. Practicing For You

Video for track 3, ‘You Return’, also featured in The Infinite Mix below:

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