NYC post-punk pioneers Y Pants’ debut EP reissued on 12″

NYC post-punk pioneers Y Pants’ debut EP reissued on 12″



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Including unreleased material.

A 12-inch compilation, titled Y Pants, will collect songs from downtown NYC band’s debut 7-inch EP on 99 Records as well as two songs never before issued on vinyl.

A number of the tracks are produced by Glenn Branca who turned 99 Records boss Ed Bahlman on to the all-female trio and encouraged him to release their debut record. Hear ‘Off The Hook’, a bouncy singalong about a woman’s phone problems, below.

“Y Pants had discovered a way of making music in a rock band format while integrating a unique art/performance element that toyed around with the concept of scale.

“It was an unusual sight: grown women playing tiny instruments and still using big amplifiers and effects,” writes Tim Ross in his definitive history of 99 Records.

Previously CD-only, Y Pants is being released on vinyl by Water Wing Records who also recently gave the band’s debut LP Beat It Down its first reissue. Due on Friday, order the comp here.

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