This new turntable console pairs hi-fi analogue and wireless streaming



“A fresh take on the modern record console.”

Following last year’s Standard One, San Diego-based hi-fi company Wrensilva has unveiled the latest addition to its stereo console family.

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The Wrensilva Loft packs in a 300 watts per channel amp and a “fantastic sounding” turntable as well as Sonos functionality for wireless streaming throughout your space. The Loft also includes a 3.5mm audio jack and a set of RCA inputs.

The console is available as a standalone unit ($2,999) or you can purchase the complete package ($4,498) with matching Wrensilva Monitor speakers and welded steel speaker stands.

For a limited time only Wrensilva is offering free shipping on the bundle. Generally the company does not ship outside the US, but in some instances they can – contact them directly to discuss options.