William Onyeabor albums receive individual reissues on Luaka Bop




Originally published on FACT

David Byrne’s label will reissue a bundle of records from the pioneering Nigerian musician.

Luaka Bop have announced plans to reissue a batch of albums from synth-funk trailblazer William Onyeabor. Eight of his solo records will arrive through the New York label next month.

Many of Onyeabor’s solo works appeared bundled together on two separate box sets released by the label last year. Byrne’s imprint first brought the mysterious electronic musician to wider attention with the release of the Who Is William Onyeabor? compilation in 2013.

The new reissues span Onyeabor’s entire career, from 1977 album Crashes In Love (of which there are two new versions) to his final full-length, 1985’s Anything You Sow. Also included are Tomorrow, Hypertension, Great Lover, Body & Soul, Atomic Bomb and Good Name.

The reissues will be released via Luaka Bop on November 27. Check the tracklists below. [via FACT / RA]


01. Tomorrow
02. Why Go To War
03. Love Me Now
04. Fantastic Man
05. Try And Try

01. The Moon And The Sun
02. Papa Na Mama
03. Hypertension
04. Politicians

Crashes In Love
01. Something You’ll Never Forget
02. Ride On Baby
03. Crashes In Love
04. Heaven & Hell
05. Jungle Gods (only appears on Version 1)

Anything You Sow
01. When The Going Is Smooth & Good
02. This Kind Of World
03. Anything You Sow
04. Everyday
05. Try And Try

Great Lover
01. Tell Me What You Want
02. Great Lover
03. Love Is Blind
04. I’ve Got Love

Body & Soul
01. The Way To Win Your Love
02. Poor Boy
03. Body And Soul
04. I Believe In God

Atomic Bomb
01. Beautiful Baby
02. Better Change Your Mind
03. Atomic Bomb
04. Shame
5. I Need You All Life

Good Name
01. Let’s Fall In Love
02. Good Name