William Basinski to release new album A Shadow In Time on vinyl





Featuring a eulogy to David Bowie.

Ambient pioneer William Basinski’s A Shadow In Time, first premiered live in London last year, will be given an LP release this month.

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The album, which was developed shortly after David Bowie’s passing, includes an mornful tribute to the late singer, aptly titled ‘For David Robert Jones’. Meanwhile the title track is described as “a subtle, celestial escalation of melody and drone.” Find the tracklist and artwork below.

The label goes on to describe the work as “one of the most truly transcendent pieces of music he has ever committed to – or wrung from – tape.” Due on 15 January, place pre-orders here.

Last year Basinski’s 92982 was finally released on vinyl.



01. A Shadow In Time
02. For David Robert Jones