Watch a record spin so fast it explodes



“Imagine what putting a needle on this would sound like?”

The Slow Mo Guys, aka Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, have selected a revolutionary object for their latest video series: a vinyl record.

Their set-up uses a high definition camera, a Dyson hoover motor, and a Variac varying voltage device – to gradually increase the power through the motor, until the record reaches its breaking point.

Viewing the resulting footage in slow motion, you can see the record speeding up until the point where it shatters because of the force it is being rotated at.

In the video Free and Gruchy capture several records from various perspectives, and with different colour patterns painted on the vinyl itself.

“I feel bad breaking these, like I’m ripping a book… I did get them from (a charity shop) though.” NB: Multiple records were harmed in the making of these videos.

For more slow mo action, check out rainbow paint dancing atop a speaker below: