Watch “The Magnetist”; a short film about a Swedish tape obsessive




Behind the scenes with Stockholm native Micke the Magnetist.

There’s something about Micke’s pallid complexion that suggests he’s been into cassettes a lot longer than the recent surge of interest in retro sound carriers. And yet, a chef by trade, the self-confessed blogger, mixtape fanatic and tape club promoter is coy about revealing his motivations for being a “tapeologist”, a passion which seems to reap more struggle than reward. [via EgoTripLand]

From his apartment, the doc also follows Micke to one of his parties, at which point the whole thing begins to feel a little bit like a spoof; an exercise in depressive Scandinavian humour in the form of the ultimate hipster mockumentary. Either way, it’s beautifully shot and definitely worth 15 minutes of your time.

In more tape-related news, the definitively-not-a-spoof Cassette Store Day is set to take place on 7th September, and you can read our interview with seminal tape-loop composer William Basinski here.

Watch The Magnetist below: