Watch the history of music unfold in this ingenious 90-second video

Watch the history of music unfold in this ingenious 90-second video




From gramophone to iPhone.

Commissioned by the industry organisation IFPI, Music Remains is a frantic romp through the history of recorded music, touching base with all the major junctures and format shifts in the space of just 90 seconds.

Engineered as a Rube Goldberg Machine – if you’re not familiar with the name, you’ll have certainly seen one in action – the video was recorded at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios in one take at the 49th time of asking, a process which you can follow in full on this ‘making of‘ video.

The video follows the unfolding history of music alongside lyrics from young MC Pepstar, who accompanies the technological element with a personal narrative. As music industry creative director Steve Milbourne says, “the idea was to convey the message that, while technology may be continuously changing, recorded music is always at the centre of people’s lives. At the same time, we wanted to it to be a very personal story. Pepstar’s lyrics are about key experiences – from the meeting of our parents to childhood memories, first girlfriends and family tragedy.”

You can watch the 90 second video in full here:

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