Watch the beautiful and poignant documentary Music Man Murray; a short film about 88 year old record collector Murray Gershenz




Vinyl sales may be up among 18-24 year olds, but for 88 year old record collector and store owner Murray Gershenz, vinyl has been a way of life.

Collecting records to the point where he had no choice but to sell them, Murray Gershenz has been the guy behind LA record store Music Man Murray for over forty years. And yet, with over half a million records in the extraordinary basement archive that is more copyright library than record store, Murray struggles to break even.

The collection has been valued at close to $3 million, and having lived his life as Music Man Murray, Gershenz is putting the store up for sale to ensure it falls into safe hands.

A touching profile of a man whose passion for music, particularly opera, developed into a life spent collecting vinyl, Music Man Murray is about the least ostentatious homage to the humble record you’ll see all year. [via Stereogum]

Richard Parks’ poignant film has been made available in full following a successful festival tour and you can watch it below.