Watch mini-doc “White Label” on the vinyl scenes in Brighton and Bristol




Alexander Macdonald’s film is an intimate survey of the state of play for the independent vinyl industry in the South.

Despite the hype of Record Store Day and the sales statistics that have spawned the depressingly ubiquitous phrase “vinyl revival” (which now has its own Wikipedia page), a passion for records (like the records themselves) is not something that is easily manufactured.

Including interviews with Ashley Marlowe (Donga) of Brighton’s newest outlet Well Rounded Vinyl Vendors, Henry Bainbridge of Dub Studio, Chris Farrel of Idle Hands in Bristol and Joe Hatt & Adrian Dutt of Bristol-based independent/”haphazard” label Howling Owl Records, the film is all about the reality of life dedicated to the ‘baked beans’ diet of the vinyl records industry. [via The Daily Street]

And what’s more, they all blame their dads for being into records. Watch it below: