VPI unveils seductive new Prime Signature turntable

VPI unveils seductive new Prime Signature turntable



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A shimmering upgrade.

US turntable manufacturer VPI Industries has unveiled an upgrade on its seductive Prime turntable. With a five-star “temptation” award on What Hi-Fi, the original Prime deck was considered a leader in its price-range offering both high-quality sound reproduction and an impressive finish.

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Now, the new Prime Signature claims to have improved the resonance damping, and comes with double the housing weight compared with the original Prime.

According to VPI, steps have been taken to further reduce excess vibrations from the motor, where the motor housing, corner posts, bearing-nut bell and arm board are all made of stainless-steel.


And while the original Prime certainly carried itself with style, the new Signature takes things up a notch, the speckled gloss finish on the JMW 3D 10 reference arm in sync with its layered gloss MDF and machined aluminium plinth.

While not quite ready in time for Christmas, the VPI Prime Signature may be worthing saving up for in 2017, available for £6000 in the new year. [via What Hi-Fi]

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