Vladislav Delay crafts noise sculptures on new Planet Mu album





“Hypermodern musique concrète.”

Vladislav Delay is releasing a new album, called Isoviha, via Planet Mu this July.

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Drawing on the anxiety Delay identifies in cities, Isoviha sees him crafting “hypermodern musique concrète” from noise, drones, and loops.

The album takes its title from the Isoviha period — when Finland was under Russian occupation during the 1700s.

Isoviha follows Keplar’s reissue of Delay’s 2001 album Anima, earlier this year in March.

Pre-order Isoviha here in advance of its 15th July release; check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Isovitutus
2. Isosusi
3. Isonuha
4. Isotv
5. iS
6. Isoteko
7. Isoviha
8. Isorakas
9. Isopaska
10. Isooo
11. Isovihane
12. Isomulkku
13. Isopieni

Photo by: Stephan C. Kaffa