Vinyl subscription service Feedbands launches farm to literally feed bands



Holy cow!

Since launching two years ago, Feedbands have been on a mission to hunt down unknown indie artists and give them a platform via a limited edition vinyl release.

Effectively a debut album subscription label, Feedbands pays the artists in cash and sends the records out to subscribers who can get a refund if they’re not into the music.

Now the subscription service is taking its incubating goal to new heights with the launch of a 4-acre farm in Asheville, North Carolina. The idea is that passing bands can get fed, have a catnap, and make music in a inspiring environment.

“Feedbands hopes to play its own small role helping touring artists passing through Asheville with today’s announcement: the launch of a farm where bands can sleep and eat free of charge and even play a show if they want,” they write on their site.

The farm has chickens, ducks and goats (all featured in the music video below) but don’t get too excited, carnivores – none of the animals are for eating.

If you’re in a band and happen to be passing through North Carolina soon, contact to find out how you can stay at the farm.