V&A announce unique colour-mixed limited edition vinyl of David Bowie’s “Excerpts from Outside”




It’s all in the mix.

Reissued from the 1995 original, itself a trimmed down version of Bowie’s concept album with Brain Eno Outside, this limited edition of Excerpts From Outside exclusive to the V&A looks to be one of the most collectible Bowie releases of recent years.

It’s the colour mix, rather than the audio mix however that sets this edition apart. Designed to reflect the colours used on different elements of the orignal cover artwork, the marbled vinyl consists of mixing the dominant green with brown, cream, purple and black. Thankfully, the result is more attractive than it sounds.

Here’s a little more as to how it’s made:

The process is done manually, by putting the batches of raw coloured vinyl together as it is warm. This is then mixed together and cut into individual ‘pucks’ of vinyl that are then inserted into the record presses for LP manufacture. Each record produced is therefore individual as the mix of colours is never the exact same in any two copies of the LP.

Limited to 500 copies, Excerpts From Outside will be released on 3rd August and is available to pre-order from the V&A shop.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 11.51.59

A1 Leon Takes Us Outside (Edit)
A2 Outside
A3 The Hearts Filthy Lesson
A4 A Small Plot Of Land
A5 Segue – Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)
A6 Hallo Spaceboy
B1 The Motel (Edit)
B2 I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
B3 The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
B4 Segue – Ramona A. Stone / I Am With Name
B5 We Prick You
B6 Segue – Nathan Adler
B7 I’m Deranged