Tim Hecker returns to Japan for Konoyo companion LP, Anoyo



With an accompanying performance film featuring members of the Tokyo Gakuso gagaku ensemble.

Tim Hecker will return to Kranky for Anoyo, a companion LP to last year’s Konoyo, an album inspired by a form of Japanese classical music performed at the Imperial Court, gagaku.

The project was drawn from the same recording sessions as Hecker’s previous album, which saw the artist collaborating with members of the gagaku ensemble Tokyo Gakuso. Check out footage of the ambient composer recording in a temple on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Pre-order a copy of Anoyo here ahead of its 10th May release, listen to its title tune above and check out the track list below.


1. That world
2. Is but a simulated blur
3. Step away from Konoyo
4. Into the void
5. Not alone
6. You never were