Thurston Moore opens new pop-up record shop in London



The space will also operate as book store and gallery, with live performances and talks.

Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore has opened a new pop-up record shop, called Ecstatic Peace Library, in London’s Stoke Newington area.

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A joint venture with artist Edwin Pouncey and Soho Radio’s Pete Flanagan, the shop will sell records alongside art, vintage t-shirts, posters, literature, toys and general ephemera.

The shop will act as “a refuge space where we can welcome every one, musicians, poets, artists, and lovers of a non-discriminatory now,” explains Moore. “We are giving it a month or so … if it works, we’ll keep on keepin’ on.”

The pop-up will run from the 5th February until the 14th March, open every day at 96 Church Street, London, N16 0AP – check out a selection of photos from the shop below.