Thundercat releases ‘chopped not slopped’ album Drank on purple vinyl



“If you got Drunk it’s only right that you get Drank. I feel like they go together”.

Thundercat is releasing a ‘chopped not slopped’ mix of 2017 album Drunk, mixed by DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C of DJ collective The Chopstars.

Pressed on double purple vinyl, Drank first appeared online last year as an unofficial homage to the original album, by Houston chopped and screwed mainstays The Chopstars.

Speaking about the album, DJ Candlestick says: “We are fans of this type of music and especially Thundercat and Flying Lotus. With these type of projects, OG Ron C and myself usually vibe out and do what we do best. Drank gives you a perfect musical high. It’s also a project that all types of people can vibe to – smooth, chill and entertaining”.

Drank riffs the original artwork by Eddie Alcazar and Zack Fox, which was released as a 4×10″ box set that paid homage to Herbie Hancock’s soundtrack to Michael Winner’s 1972 vigilante film Death Wish.

Released on 16th March via Brainfeeder, you can pre-order a copy here and stream it below.

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