Thom Yorke releases new album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes as BitTorrent and deluxe vinyl edition





Thom Yorke makes album available via BitTorrent download and deluxe vinyl edition.

From the moment he posted a photo of a mysterious white vinyl earlier this week, it was clear something was afoot. Now, Thom Yorke has officially announced the release of his new eight-track album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, made available to download across BitTorrent networks for $6 and as a deluxe vinyl edition.

You can download the album here and read what Yorke, in his own esoteric way, had to say about the vinyl below:

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is a new eight-track record from Thom Yorke.

A record born of silver darkness, pressed onto heavyweight 180g white vinyl completed with undersize 75mm centre labels, housed within heavy white board inner and outer sleeves.

These are printed with a metallic silver laminate then multi-tone black and a striking neon green; the whole is enclosed in a bespoke anti-static shield bag – a metallised laminated material usually used by the electronics industry for protecting components from electrostatic interference. The bag is printed with neon green on both sides, and has a resealable grip closure.

Check out the track listing and artwork below and order your copy here.



a brain in a bottle
guess again!
the mother lode

truth ray
there is no ice (for my drink)
pink section
nose grows some