This state-of-the-art cast-iron turntable is one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen




The monumental hi-fi centrepiece packs a 35-pound bronze platter.

US design house Fern & Roby have unveiled their striking new turntable, built to satisfy your eyes as well as your ears. One seriously heavyweight piece of kit, the turntable is built around a 70-pound cast-iron base strong enough to support the 35-pound bronze platter, dynamically balanced to 1000rpm.

Built to reduce resonance and cradle the platter with a little vibration as possible, the cast-iron turntable comes with a Rega 303 tone arm and integrates the traditional AC motor with real-time digital speed control to keep the platter in check.

While all this sounds just fine, the real attraction for us is simply the way the Fern & Roby looks; the turntable equivalent of an arresting piece of brutalist architecture that captures the high-end industrial aesthetic to perfection.

One for audiophiles (and aesthetes) with deep pockets, the Fern & Roby turntable will set you back $6,500. Click here for more info and check out the stunning images below, while you ponder what you can pawn next.

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