This new speaker is designed to sit under your turntable



“With technology that eliminates feedback.”

A new speaker base for your turntable, called Spinbase, is crowdfunding on Kickstarter this November.

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Turntables are to highly sensitive to electrical, magnetic and physical vibrations, which causes unwanted feedback. Despite being designed to be placed under a turntable, company Andover Audio claim the Spinbase’s Isogroove technology is able to eliminate this feedback.

Spinbase includes a built-in phono preamp, with Bluetooth compatibility, headphone output, CD input support, 2 x active woofers, 2 x soft-dome woofers, and a EQ switch for ceramic cartridge-equipped turntables.

Though the unit comes with a US three-prong plug, it also supports both 110v and 220v.

Retailing at $200, Spinbase measures 8cm x 34cm x 46 cm, and is available in black and white variants.

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