This new film celebrates young Black artists shaping London's electronic music scenes



Featuring Errol Anderson, Tash LC, Shy One, and Tommy Gold.

A new short film exploring young Black artists who are shaping London’s electronic scenes, called The New Rave, has been released, as part of the Design Museum’s current exhibition Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers.

The eight-minute film aims to highlight both the history of Black artists who birthed early electronic music, whilst also celebrating those pushing such scenes forward.

Featuring interviews with Errol Anderson, Shy One, Tash LC and Tommy Gold, The New Rave uncovers how they become involved in making music, what art means to them, and the importance of community.

The film also explores the white-washing of the pivotal contributions of Black artists to the development of electronic music genres.

“Going back to my early raving days, obviously I was raving to d’n’b and raving to jungle and then raving to house, but at the time I never really thought of them as Black music genres because you’re kind of presented a lot of electronic music from the white perspective,” explains Tash LC.

Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers will run at the Design Museum through till 3rd May 2021, subject to local Coronavirus restrictions.

Watch The New Rave in full above, and head here for more info on the exhibition.