This guy went door to door to try and sell his new record

This guy went door to door to try and sell his new record




Dublin-based singer-songwriter brings his debut to the people.

With no record label let alone a distributer to spread the news of his debut release, Daniel Anderson has taken matters into his own hands, taking to the streets with a box of freshly pressed copies of his debut album Patterns in an attempt to sell it directly to the neighbourhood.

Selling vinyl door to door may seem like a pretty thankless task, but with a video of his exploits drawing a fair amount of attention on YouTube, the DIY approach might well have paid off. Titled ‘Door To Door Sales Will Save The Music Industry’, the video follows Anderson as he spends the day loitering in various front gardens trying to up-sell copies to unsuspecting members of the public for €20 a pop.

Watch it, if just for the characters he encounters, below and order a copy for yourself here:

Not the only one looking for an innovative solution to help sell records, vinyl subscription service Feedbands last week opened a farm to literally feed bands.

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