Melvins’ Dale Crover unveils the world’s first 12-sided record



The most impractical record of all time?

Dale Crover, drummer for the Melvins and at one point Nirvana, has released a limited-edition 10″, billed as the world’s first 12-sided record and a “unique art object”.

Skins features six spindle holes, each corresponding to twelve short songs, created specifically for the rather impractical format. The songs, each less than 30 seconds in length, have apparently informed Crover’s upcoming full-length which is slated for a 2017 release.

The clear 10″ was designed by lathe-virtuoso Mike Dixon, who hand-cut all 127 copies of Skins using a 1942 Presto 6N record lathe. On sale for $100 a pop, the hand-signed limited edition run has now sold out but it won’t be long before copies appear on second-hand markets.

The label Joyful Noise Recordings has released this instructional video in case it’s not immediately clear how to play a 12-sided record:

01. Slide On Up (0:27)
02. The Short Con (0:26)
03. Our Supreme Leader (0:16)
04. String Bean (0:32)
05. Why Not? (0:11)
06. Prismo (0:15)
07. Trick Dirt (0:29)
08. Chicken Ala King (0:30)
09. Vulnavia (0:30)
10. None No More (0:31)
11. Horse Pills (0:30)
12. Just Walk Around (0:29)