SW. aka Stefan Wust releasing new mini-album, Nights





“Walking a tightrope between jazz and club music.”

SW. – aka Stefan Wust – is releasing a new mini-album, called Night, via Night Defined Recordings this July.

Across the album’s six tracks, Wust brings together elements of breakbeat, house and electro with jazz.

“While listening, some may find themselves in the dark and dusty atmosphere of a jazz club, where the band in the corner at the other end of the room is playing their instruments just when the beat kicks in and puts you right into the club atmosphere,” shares the label.

Night marks the third LP on Night Defined Recordings, following the release of founder Juergen Vonbank’s Trial & Eros album.

Head here to pre-order a copy in advance of Night’s 24th July release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


Side A

1. øpenJA[zzz…]
2. silverlight [ja]zz[sh]Ort
3. Citiy Africa MA[XXX]

Side B

1. ëAtZAbEATzzGANGSter[n]
2. druQks iDEA[T]
3. deeep HAUNTINGshit