Suzanne Ciani’s 1975 Buchla Concerts get vinyl release from Finders Keepers





Originally posted on FACT.

Two early Ciani recordings are released for the first time.

Finders Keepers is to release synth innovator Suzanne Ciani’s 1975 Buchla concerts for the first time.

As RA reports, the record features two vintage Ciani performances, one from the WBAI Free Music Store that was located in a deconsecrated church in New York, and another held at minimalist composer Phill Niblock’s loft space.

“This record represents a musical revolution, a scientific benchmark and a trophy in the cabinet of counter culture creativity. This record is a triumphant yardstick in the synthesiser space race and the untold story of the first woman on the proverbial moon,” Finders Keepers writes on its website.


The performances date from the time when Ciani was an employee of the Buchla synthesizer company, a keyboard-free instrument also used by Silver Apples of the Moon composer Morton Subotnick.

Buchla Concerts 1975 isn’t the first time Finders Keepers has delved into Ciani’s archives. In 2012 the archival label released a compilation called Logo Presentation Reels 1985 collecting Ciani’s electronic advertising portfolio.

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