Susanna combines spoken word, poetry, and tape soundscapes on Elevation





Inspired by the works of French poet Charles Baudelaire.

Norwegian artist Susanna is releasing a new album, titled Elevation, via SusannaSonata this March.

Elevation was inspired by the writings of French poet Charles Baudelaire, with Susanna drawing on his work to craft “a modern experimental hymn.”

Across the album Susanna combines spoken word with tape recorder soundscapes, renditions from the original texts, and her own singing.

Elevation follows her 2020 album Baudelaire & Piano, which was also released on SusannaSonata.

Pre-order Elevation here in advance of its 25th March release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Alchemy of Suffering
2. Ciel Brouillé
3. Rose-Pale Dawn
4. L’aube Spirituelle
5. Elevation
6. Alchimie De La Douleur
7. Le Possédé
8. Light Up Your Eyes
9. Invitation to the Voyage
10. Le Vin Des Amants
11. In Shared Ecstasy
12. Destruction

Photo by: Svein Erik Fylkesnes